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The hcg Diet Solution SA

A protocol based on scientific studies and reports
developed by Dr ATW Simeons in the 1950s.

This solution has a 100% SUCCESS rate for
people who follow the program exactly.

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What is

The hcg Protocol?

hcg (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone, found in both females and males. It is this very hormone that is produced by the female body during pregnancy that enables the uterus sustain a growing foetus.
The hcg protocol (hcg + prescribed eating plan) as it has become known, triggers the hypothalamus in your brain to use stored fat for energy by liquefying the fat cell contents, and by removing the fat via the body’s own elimination process. The hypothalamus is the control centre in your brain that helps stimulate or inhibit many of the body’s key processes, such as regulating blood pressure, body temperature, and appetite.
Clients who are on the hcg protocol are living off the calories from their stored fat cells. This is the reason that patients can go on a very low-calorie food plan and lose weight, avoiding side effects such as muscle loss, sagging skin, and hunger.
The hcg protocol ensures not only weight loss and an overall improvement in your general health, but also re-trains you to make better food choices and to prepare foods in a healthy way.

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The hcg Diet Solution SA

The hcg Diet is your solution to obesity and obesity-related health issues, and aids in the following:


my hcg Journey Workbook

Exclusive additional resources for our clients

The exclusive Workbook contains daily, weekly and monthly trackers and includes a found journal and emotional journal. Your emotional and physical wellbeing often goes hand in hand, whether you are overweight or underweight, have dry flake skin, dry, coarse hair, or other.
The VIP Section also includes additional information on how to reward yourself without food, what to do when you experience a weight loss stall, practicing introspection & reflection, and much more!



I lost 9.3kg in the first 3 weeks of using The hcg Diet Solution SA’s products – only 6kg to go to reach my goal weight! I am energized and feel great.

Gugu Njomani, 39

I reached my goal weight and lost 17kg in 2 months of using hcg injections. I feel great and got a new wardrobe to go with my new body.

Adéle van der Merwe, 33

Port Elizabeth

Two weeks in and feeling great! My clothes already fit much better and my skin is glowing! I am really enjoying this healthier lifestyle!

Jessica, 31


c meyer
The hcg diet really works. I used the drops and lost 11kg in the 1st month and 7kg in the 2nd month. I can truly recommend this product.

C. Meyer

Eastern Cape

Ek is nou 2 weke op die hcg inspuitings en het sover 5.1kg verloor en 23cm in totaal. Ek voel vol energie en my klere sit reeds losser. Ek het nog 15kg om te verloor.

Janine, 33


Ek het 17kg verloor in 3 maande op die hcg inspuitings. Ek het begin op 76kg en weeg nou 59kg. Ek het weekliks spyskaarte uitgewerk en met goeie beplanning & hcg het ek maklik die gewig verloor

Alicia, 32


I lost 44 kg in 4 rounds of using hcg injections. It changed my life completely. I am much happier and confident and my blood pressure has normalized. I couldn’t be happier and will never let ‘myself go’ again. Thank you to The hcg Diet Solution’s support and motivation I am a new person

A. Joubert, 28

East Rand

I have lost 8.6 kg in the past four weeks. I’ve gone from 88 kg to 79.4 kg. My goal weight is 70 kg. I SMASHED it! Thank you for support! Your advice and encouragement helps a lot

Colleen P, 58

Ek kan die nie glo nie!! Dag 6 en ek is 4.1 kg af!!! No ways???!!! Ek is SO bly ek het die produk gevind! Ek kan nie wag vir die eindresultate nie. My sussie gaan ook nou begin. Ons het elkeen net so oor die 30 kg om te ‘verloor’. Baie dankie vir jou motivering!


Klein dorpie

Ek is nou amper 6 weke op jou hcg program en is al 2 broek nommers af! Van 125.6 kg 110.7 kg! Ek kan nie wag om somersklere te gaan koop nie! Ek waardeer jou bystand en kan nie sonder die Werkboek nie – ek vul dit elke dag in om myself te monitor. Nog 40.7 kg om te gaan!



Thank you so much for all the advice and motivation, it really helps a lot. Super excited to get my figure back.


Western Cape

Ek is nou ‘n totaal van 7 weke op die hcg homeopatiese druppels en het in totaal 18 kg verloor – 12.2 kg in my eerste 4 weke. Ek het nog heelwat om te gaan maar is baie gemotiveerd. Baie dankie vir die bystand en inloer. Ek sien uit daarna om weer by ‘normale’ winkels klere te koop!

Charise de Jager

Oos Kaap

I am so pleased with this product! I was expecting the food to be boring but was surprised at the variety of recipes available. I am using the resources and tracking my progress – so far I have lose 7.8 kg 🙂 I only have 10 kg to go to reach my goal weight!

Lesedi N


Ek het al my gewig in 3 maande verloor! Ek is 23 kg ligter en so gelukkig met die resultate! My rug en kniee is nie meer seer nie en ek voel vol energie!

M. van Niekerk, 58


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